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Throughout the course of my life two things have been constant: my love of writing and literature, which led to me to a master's degree in English literature, teaching at the college level and publishing numerous articles, short stories and poems over the last 31 years, and a love for the outdoors and natural world. Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by nature and I am lucky enough to have parents who encouraged a respect for the environment and my interest in natural history. I am an avid kayaker, hiker, bird watcher and fly fisherman and my love of exploration has taken me  from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the rain forests of Costa Rica, the deserts of the Middle East and beyond. Creating this online journal is my way of sharing some of these experiences and what I have learned about our world with others. 

New England Nature Notes is a blog where I will share thoughts and insights gleaned from my journeys in the natural world. Although the main focus of the blog is New England I also enjoy traveling to and exploring new places, and also look forward to sharing my observations from adventures in the US and beyond.I hope you like what you find here and share a link to this blog with others you know who also enjoy tramping through the woods, waters, mountains and deserts that have so much to teach us.

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-Daniel E. Levenson
 May 23, 2012
 Newton, MA

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