Thursday, March 28, 2013

Please help me to support the important work of Mass Audubon

Birding at Mass Auduibon's Moosehill Wildlife Sanctuary in Sharon, MA. Image copyright Joanna Barker 2013.
One of the fun things about birding is that you meet interesting people and see lots of cool places and things which you might otherwise never encounter. During my 2013 New England birding big year I've been fortunate enough to be able to join a number of Mass Audubon birding trips which have not only been a lot of fun, but helped to improve my birding and wildlife observation skills. This May I have the opportunity to join the Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary team for the 30th annual Massachusetts Audubon Society Bird-a-Thon, a 24 hour birding contest to see which team can see the greatest number of bird species and raise the most money to help support the work of the organization.

I'm excited (and honored) to have a chance to give something back to an organization I have long admired and benefited from. In fact, one of my earliest childhood memories is of walking along the boardwalk at Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary in Sharon, Massachusetts and exploring the sights and sounds of the natural world. Later I worked as a counselor at the Moose Hill summer camp and got to know several of the other sanctuaries quite well, including Broadmoor in Natick, Stonybrook in Norfolk and of course Drumlin Farm in Lincon. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore deserts, rainforests, mountain peaks and shorelines in the US and abroad. These experiences have taught me a great deal about the natural world and myself, and I am very excited to have this chance do my small part in helping to support the work of Mass Audubon, an organization dedicated to helping make Massachusetts (and the world) a better place.

To find out more about the Bird-a-Thon and how you can help support this important conservation effort through a donation, please click here. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Copyright Daniel E. Levenson 2013.

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