Friday, January 4, 2013

A Quick trip to the Public Garden and Newton City Hall

Since my office isn't too far from the Boston Public Garden I thought I would take a walk over after work today to see if there might be any birds around. I know that urban green spaces like this can act as a migrant trap, and when the water in the pond is open it's an attractive spot for ducks. The temperature was around 35 degrees as I walked around the pond on an ice-encrusted path. Compared to the last few days of single digit temperatures it actually felt pretty comfortable, and I was delighted to add bird #27 to my year list when I spotted two or three House Sparrows under a bush. Yesterday I picked up species #26, an American Crow, on my way to work in the morning.

The Boston Public Garden sits beneath a thin layer of snow and ice. In warmer weather a variety of bird species can be found in around the pond and gardens. Image copyright Daniel E. Levenson 2013.

I spent the last hour of daylight at the Newton City Hall and Bullough's Pond where there was very little activity. While I normally see five or ten species within minutes of arrival, today the air was quiet and a flcok of Rock Pigeons huddled atop the city hall was the only sign of bird life in the area. After scouring the park and checking and Bullough's pond I only came up with six species, including the continuing American Green Teal, a few Mallards and a Cardinal. Although the birds weren't too cooperative it was nice to get outside, and the sunset was beautiful..

Copyright Daniel E. Levenson 2013.

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